Badulla, Sri Lanka: An Alluring and Tranquil Honeymoon Spot

Badulla, Sri Lanka – Where the Rains Fall
Badulla, Sri Lanka – Where the Rains Fall

 Spending some quality time with your life partner is a pleasant feeling itself. But if you prefer to be with your loved one at a serene place like Badulla, then it becomes a double joy indeed. Nestled in the island’s hilly part, it is one of the oldest towns in Sri Lanka. The whole hilly region is covered with the green grass which attracts many tourists from across the globe. Apart from other tourists, a large number of honeymooners also head to this soothing place. There is a great link between the eastern and western coast of the country that makes Badulla worth viewing honeymoon spot.

The Suggested Sights for Couples

Dunhinda Falls

The inspiring beauty of this waterfall is enough to enchant the lovers of natural phenomena. There is nothing except the beauty to call it country’s most popular waterfall. The tranquility and peace of this place are perfect to share some memorable moments with your better half.

Bogoda Bridge

Everyone would be impressed to view the bridge that had been constructed 400 years back once finding themselves in Badulla. The country’s real treasure is the old wooden Bagoda bridge located on the west of Badulla (with 7 kilometers of distance). This bridge also connects the Kingdom of Kandy with Badulla. You’d definitely have regrets once you miss this place despite visiting the region.

Travel From Colombo: Different Transport Options and Fares

The ideal way for getting into this place is by train but you may also end up by travelling through a bus (the cheapest option). It would hardly cost 324 Sri Lankan Rupees to reach Badulla from Colombo. However, the visitors can enjoy seeing the mountainous area and some beautiful scenic views while travelling on the train.

Best Time to Go

The region with tropical climate has average weather temperature of 23 to 24-degree centigrade. From the May to July, the temperature doesn’t exceed the limit of 24-degree centigrade which makes it an ideal period to visit this spot. On the other hand, the winters are also not too cold to handle. The highest temperature in the month of January is just 24-degree centigrade.



Food and Drink

The deliciousness of the food available on the streets and restraints doesn’t get influenced by the reasonable prices. There is a wide range of breaded savory snacks as street food is a specialty of this region. The food is very cheap and it can be your major advantage of being in Badulla. You can get sambal, coconut roti, coffee and string hoppers for less than Rs 150 at Rotitha Hotel. The best vegetarian and non-veg meals are available at Ranjan Lanka Tasty Foods.

Don’t forget to do this

  1. Be sure to have a raincoat or umbrella if you’re travelling from the coastal area in the direction of Badulla. The surprised rainfalls is not a new thing for the natives.
  2. Renting a typical rural accommodation based on bungalows and cottages is suggested if you want to experience the real local spirit of this place.