The country India has seven union territories and the most unique and beautiful out of those are these group of islands named Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They are located at the juncture of Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal. The place is becoming a tourist spot because of the presence of exotic beaches with white and silver sand and adventurous activities like sea-walking, snorkelling, etc. Foreign tourists are provided a permit as they reach Port Blair, the capital. While, the national (Indian) tourists don’t need a permit. So if you are looking for some peaceful time on the sparkling waters in an eco-friendly manner, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are your place. And we will help to enhance your knowledge about the places worth visiting at these islands:

  • Neil Island and Bharatpur Beach:

    Bharatpur beach, Neil Island, Andaman
    Bharatpur beach, Neil Island, Andaman

    Bharatpur beach and other beaches on the Neil Island are all named after the characters of epic The Neil island is small but very beautiful. It has brilliantly white beaches, tropical vegetation, rich bio-diversity and thick forests. Because of the greenery, it is also known as the ‘vegetable bowl’ of Andaman. During morning, the beaches are busy with water activities likesnorkelling. The coral reefs at these beaches are very beautiful which is why the island is also called ‘coral capital’. the beach has a number of benches for those who likes to give their feet a rest and enjoy the calm atmosphere in the cool sea breeze.

  • Cellular Jail, Port Blair:

    Central Jail, Port Blair, Andaman
    Central Jail, Port Blair, Andaman

    The struggle of independence of India is a very popular one and this jail is the infamous evidence of the same. This is a prison which was constructed from 1896 to 1906 by using bricks from Burma. The prison was built by the sole purpose to keep the criminals in a solitary confinement. During the colonial rule, many brave freedom fighters, like Veer Savarkar, Batukeshwar Dutt, were incarcerated in it. The prison is popularly known as ‘Kalla Pani’ meaning black waters. The prison is constructed in 7 wings and a tower in the centre for the guards to keep attention on the prisoners. Presently, the Jail is transformed in a hospital for the local population. Also, a part of this jail was destroyed during World War II.

  • Baratang Island and Limestone Caves:limestone-caves

    The limestone caves are located on the Baratang Island. To visit the caves, you will have to take a boat ride. Visiting the caves may not attract you much, but the speed boat ride is fun. One you reach the caves, the stalactites (pointed icicle formations hanging from the ceiling of the cave) will immediately catch your attention and it looks amazing. Some unique shapes formed by the stalagmites and stalactites are the only things to see in the caves. However, the island has more to offer. It has a mud volcano which is formed by the natural gases emitted from the underground due to decaying of organic matter. Other attractions of Neil Island are the Saddle peak, Mt Harriet and Cinque Island.

  • Marina Park and Aquarium:samudrika_museum

    In the capital city of Port Blair has a beautiful Marine Park also known as ’Samudrika Marine Museum’. This museum is managed by the Indian Navy and is built with the purpose to create awareness about the aquatic life and underwater resources. The park imparts immense knowledge about the tribal and social life of the people of Andaman. It also shows the history of the islands. Miniature models of the coral reefs and aquatic flora and fauna are put at display in here.

  • Radhanagar Beach and Havelock Island:radhanagar-beach

    TIME magazine declared Radhanagar beach as the best beach of Asia in 2004. That can be believed as the beach is really beautiful and is among the best beaches of India. The serene environment there will make a romantic mood with the sunrise or sunset looking heavenly beautiful on the blue waters. Other activities to enjoy there includes scuba diving, boating, fishing, snorkelling, elephant rides and much more. The white and blue combination of the sand and water looks photogenic and you won’t be able to resist taking pictures at this picture-perfect place.

  • The Great Nicobar Island:great-nicobar

    The southern part of this Union Territory is the Nicobar Islands which are mostly inaccessible to the tourists. The largest island in the group of Nicobar Islands is the ‘Great Nicobar Island’. this island, having a population of only 10,000 people was affected by the tsunami in 2004. the island is famous for the rainforests having diverse fauna and flora. It houses some unique species of the wildlife and aquatic life. Wildlife enthusiasts can visit Campbell Bay where they can find Nicobar Pigeon, Crab-eating macaque, megapode, giant robber crab and many more.

Apart from these, there are other places such as Wandoor Beach, Forest Museum, Fisheries Museum, Anthropological Museum, Naval Museum, Viper Island, Ross Island, Chidiya Tapu, and lots more. The islands are a blessing of nature on earth. Researchers and photographers love the aura of the place as it has so much to offer. The weather makes it even better if you visit at the right season for your comfort. These islands full of history, nature and beaches will bring out the peace that you might have been longing for.