We don’t have to tell you what should you do when in Vegas. Or do we? Let me first start by telling you how the City of Las Vegas has become a dream destination for all the friends and couples. It is the Entertainment Capital of the World and is primarily famous for all the hotels, casinos, entertainment and its nightlife. Popularly, it is also referred to as the Sin City because of its tolerance for various activities of adult entertainment. The city has so much to offer and you might have little time to have it all. There are many attractive distractions and you may be confused about how to prioritize them. We have got your back! Firstly, take a selfie at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign. This is a signature of the city and is a icon you cannot miss. After that, here is a list of all the things that you must do while in the Sin City:

  1. The Dancing Bellagio Fountains:

    Bellagio Fountains
    Bellagio Fountains

    Ever seen fountains dancing to the music of Michael Jackson or Gene Kelly? Bellagio Fountains are to be viewed from the sidewalk front. You will see that there are 1200 water outlets in various shapes and arrangements like circular and parallel. Water shooting from these hoses reaches around 460 feet above ground along with dancing and swaying with the tunes of music. There are plenty restaurants near the Bellagio Fountains where you can dine and watch the fountains as they dance. Trust us, it looks better in real as compared to the videos.

  2. The Scary Stratosphere:stratosphere_01

    The Stratosphere is the tallest freestanding tower not in just the city, but the whole country and is 1150 foot tall, that is, 350 metres tall. It is a resort in Las Vegas and is a thrill-filled place. There are numerous rides that are sure to scare you and push the adrenaline limits that you might have known to exist within you. The Big Shot ride will take you to a height of approximately 50 metres to experience free fall back to the launchpad. X Scream will rocket you 27 feet over the tower’s edge and let you dangle in the there. Insanity is another ride with an arm reaching 900ft in air and spinning at a horrifying speed. If this much is not enough, try Sky Jump which is a 829ft controlled leap from the tower through a decelerator wire. Good luck!

  1. Sunset at Gondola Ride:gondola-rides

    Take a Gondola ride at the St Mark’s Square. The aquamarine canals will make you feel like you are witnessing Venetian architecture and get a reflection of Venice in Vegas. You will be riding wooden boats along with gondoliers singing their cultural tunes will enhance the romantic nature in your heart for sure.

  2. Be at High Roller:high-roller

    The High Roller of Las Vegas is the biggest wheel in the world standing 550 feet tall, and is nothing like an average wheel. It is different from a Ferris wheel as it is an observation wheel. From here, you will get the panoramic views of the mountains, the valley and Strip. Every angle is worth exploring and you will find that it is fascinating to have something to see from all angles.

  1. Gamble at Caesars Palace or Golden Nugget:golden-nugget

    Almost 50 year old, the Caesars Palace is one of the last pieces of the old properties and is better than most of the new names in town. Not all the casinos in Vegas will be able to match the atmosphere provided by this particular world-famous casino. In Downtown Vegas, you will find the Gamblers General Store which has a library of gaming books teaching you the game and has many gifts to offer. Or directly start at table games, poker rooms, baccarat pit and many more. Want to see some world’s top players playing poker? Visit Bellagio for the poker. Golden Nugget is a legendary casino in Downtown Vegas. Head to Circus Circus or Gold Coast for having glimpses of the past of Vegas or visit the Palms, for playing video poker.

  1. See glimpses of the world:paris6

    You can have a glimpse of world at just one place – Vegas. Vegas has themed hotels which give you a replicated environment of a particular place. For instance, Vegas has got Paris covered by replicating the Eiffel Tower. Many restaurants lined up near it helps you enjoy and rest while looking at a duplicate. Vegas has the Statue of Liberty as well and looks as good as it does in New York. Not just Statue of Liberty, but also the Empire State Building, Central Park and much more.

  2. Hangout at Fremont Street:fremont-street

    This is new in Vegas and is amazing as you can see in the pictures. The street in Downtown Vegas is full of vintage hotels, trendy bars and restaurants, shops and bookstores. There is a four-block corridor totally covered with a giant digital screen and looks like an ongoing party. One can ride zip lines, shop, watch concerts, and have fun. This is where the old Vegas meets the new.

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